I’ll add stuff I swear

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Uh, coming up I’ll start making random food/experience/photo posts…sometime. And backlog of photos from Japan trip from the winter and China trip for Chinese New year, as well as Video Games Live and other stuff in general. I’ll get to it sometime…yep.


Updated Keitai guide

•May 24, 2010 • 11 Comments

Completely re-did the guide. Hope it helps!

Table of Contents:

What is a ‘Keitai’?
Can I use it outside of Japan?
Will a Keitai work on my network?
Can I unlock a keitai for overseas use? Is it completely unlocked?
What’s with the shape of Japanese phones?
Do they have English-language support?
Do keitais support the T9 text input system?
What are these China Unicom/Fareastone branded phones that look like keitais?
How do I get a keitai?
What if I want to import directly from Japan?
Help, my keitai didn’t come with a power adapter! Where do I get a power adapter/accessories?
How do I use a ‘hypersim’?
I can’t get signal on my phone anymore!
How do I get music to work/transfer media onto the phone?
How do I get a Keitai in Canada?
Will my phone work in Canada?
What sim unlock will work with my SIM card?
Are there any local keitai stores in Vancouver?
How’s the signal strength or reception in Vancouver?

General FAQ

A keitai with a cycloid hinge. Very noticable keitai type. Image taken from Softbank website.

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940SH in Vancouver Review

•May 12, 2010 • 2 Comments

I got a Sharp 940SH a few months ago so by now I’ve gotten a good idea how how well it works over here in Vancouver. Standard keitai rules apply, see the guide for more info on that. Also, it’s a Softbank phone, so standard multimedia unlock rules apply.

940SH on the left, SH-03A, my previous phone, on the right. Both are 2-axis phones, while the SH-03A used a reverse hinge, with the 940SH retaining the standard type.

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I’m Alive >_>

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Long story, no posts in a long time, but I’m alive. I’ll eventually get to posting a few months worth of stuff…sometime. Oh and keitai guide was majorly updated a few weeks ago so check it out if you want.

Random pictures from this summer.

•November 9, 2009 • 2 Comments

Going through my photos, I’ve noticed I have quite a bit of pictures accumulated from the summer. Here’s a bunch that I’ve randomly thrown up


A new MK-II train pulls in to Surrey Central Station on the Expo Line.

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New computer build!

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Laying out for the build.

Laying out for the build.

I build a new computer every three or four years since by then the previous computer would have been hard-pressed to keep up with the newest things. For this build, I upped to the i7 generation with a 920; for the immediate while anything else would be overkill. Along that line, I paired it with 6GB of DDR3 and a Geforce GTX285, as well as a nice shuttle bare-bone comes with the x58. The computer that it replaces is a mutt that I’ve upgraded every now and then.

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ニコニコOFF 1

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Nico Nico OFF!

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