My Equipment.

I take quite a few photos every day as a sort of hobby, but more because there’s just a lot of random stuff that happens. Sort of how you are just minding your own business and something really odd happens and you wished you had a camera with you, well I always have a camera with me so I guess I just have more pictures.

Rambling aside heres what I work with:

Canon T1i

Canon T1i with the default lens that it comes with. I’m looking for a wide-angle lens but they seem to cost an arm and a leg =X Picture taken with my SH-03A shown below.

Sharp SH-03A

My Sharp SH-03A. Okay so it’s actually a cell phone but it’s not a bad camera. It has the huge amount of noise you’d expect from packing an 8MP camera into a cell-phone but it functions well as a point and shoot camera. And if anyone is wondering, yes you can use Japanese cell-phones here, it just takes a bit of work and you don’t get to use all the Japan-only features. Picture taken with my T1i.

Anyways, I’ll be dumping photos onto here so….yeah.


~ by Taku on June 24, 2009.

2 Responses to “My Equipment.”

  1. Cool!

  2. Hi! I’m just wondering if these kind of custom cell can be bought by international customers or if you know the material thanks a lot =)

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