Crystal Mall

Apparently when they developed it, the mall was supposed to be multi-cultural. Guess it wasn’t as planned since it turned into Chinese+bits of other East Asian stuff. Anyways, heres a walkaround:


Okay so not the mall itself. It's the Metrotown Branch of the Burnaby Public Library which is right across the street.


Lots of trees as is the norm in BC.


There's a decently sized park on the grounds too.


View of the mall itself from the library.


It's your typical Asian mall. Clothes, food, electronics, and other random stuff.


One of the many food places inside the mall. They range from a hole-in-the-wall type to classy resteraunts.


Lunch for the day, beef soup noodles. A bit expensive at $6.25, but the food itself is always good.


Clothing/home stores aside, the mall is an excellent place to get electronics. Here's a store specializing in Japanese import cellphones, and there are other stores selling more shady things such as R4s.


One of the many bits of Japanese you'll see inside the mall.


And here's an Otaku store on the second floor.


Food court also on the second floor. The food might not be healthy, but it is cheap and filling.


Market on the first floor. You can get fresh grocceries here.

Anyways, Crystal Mall is just one of the many shopping areas in the Metrotown area, but it’s the only major source of Asian goods outside of Richmond in the entire Greater Vancouver Area.


~ by Taku on July 2, 2009.

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