Random pictures from this summer.

Going through my photos, I’ve noticed I have quite a bit of pictures accumulated from the summer. Here’s a bunch that I’ve randomly thrown up


A new MK-II train pulls in to Surrey Central Station on the Expo Line.


Taking the 301 bus from Newton Exchange to Brighouse Station.


Waiting at Brighouse Station on the Canada Line for a train to pull in. It really bugs me how short the platforms and trains are.


View from the front of a MK-I train on the Millenium Line.


One of the many cruise ships that docks at BC Place.


Incidentally I walked by just as they were removing a dead whale that had strayed into the path of one of the cruise ships.


Here's the nearby newly-built Vancouver Convention Centre. They made it for the 2010 Winter Olympics, it's quite nice inside and out.


Dunno, the seagull was just sitting there staring at people walking by all day...


Moving towards Coal Harbor. This area has exploded development-wise in the last few years.


Here's a shot of False Creek looking towards Yaletown.


Still in False Creek, but looking east this time.


Infront of Science World, which is also in False Creek. I really don't know what this thing is besides the fact that it is made of awesome.


Walking along the waterfront towards Yaletown.


The entire Yaletown development is recent, within the last five years or so, and supposed to be inspired by Hong Kong. It's a nice neighbourhood but quite overpriced.


Lots of low-rise and townhouses in addition to the towers in Yaletown. A lot of the style is brick and windows.


Snapped this on the way to the Celebration of Light, I think it was on the first day. There was a huge thunderstorm and the sky was a dark red which really added to the fireworks.


Taken on the first day also.


From a different day, forgot which. It seems most people go to two or more days of the Celebration of Lights.


Taken on an evening stroll at Holland Park in Surrey Central.


Got free tickets one day and decided to go to a Canucks Game. Canucks won of course.


Beard Papas locations seem to be popping up everywhere around Vancouver.


Snapped this crossing the Alex Fraser Bridge.


~ by Taku on November 9, 2009.

2 Responses to “Random pictures from this summer.”

  1. I’m really seeing those Beard Papa’s eveywhere… I seldom buy from them though, a bit pricey sometimes. Gotta try again one day.

  2. cool blog so far. awesome new computer! and cool photos as well. vancouver looks like a pretty cool place (only visited once or twice before)

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