940SH in Vancouver Review

I got a Sharp 940SH a few months ago so by now I’ve gotten a good idea how how well it works over here in Vancouver. Standard keitai rules apply, see the guide for more info on that. Also, it’s a Softbank phone, so standard multimedia unlock rules apply.

940SH on the left, SH-03A, my previous phone, on the right. Both are 2-axis phones, while the SH-03A used a reverse hinge, with the 940SH retaining the standard type.

I used the phone with a Rogers 3040 sim on paygo with an Inex hypersim, multimedia unlocked at echigoya-honpo.

As mentioned in my keitai guide, an advantage of being in Vancouver is that there is a local dealer who does multimedia unlocks. This is an advantage, as a softbank owner, that few cities outside of Japan can boast, easy access to multimedia unlock service. I definitely took advantage of this because my phone did re-lock itself on occasion.  Things like that are unavoidable given the inherent instability of hypersims but being able to have it unlocked again within days rather than having to send it out was a definite plus.

The usual stability issues aside, in three months I’ve only had to CPR once with my configuration, which is expected since Vancouver does have very good reception, as well as the advances in hypersim technology. Of course, there are dead zones in Vancouver with the 940SH. A few places in particular are on the Skytrain, between Nanaimo and 29th Avenue stations, between Edmonds station and the rail yard, around Columbia Station, as well as between Scott Road and Gateway Stations.  Not much of an issue however since as mentioned it reacquires signal immediately. A side note, the 940SH does work underground in the Canada Line.

Other than that, the interface is the usual Softbank. Many improvements have been made though with the landscape mode once you rotate the screen. Accessories aren’t too hard to get in Vancouver although some must be special ordered. GSM is plentiful and the phone picks the signal up very well, although I haven’t tested with 3G yet. No 3G features are availible unfortunately, but that’s a given with keitais at the moment.

On that note, I can confirm the wifi *does* work on a multimedia unlocked 940SH. However, only the full browser works. Also, browsing on the phone will take some time to get used to.

Other than that, the camera also delivers as expected. Here’s some test shots:


~ by Taku on May 12, 2010.

2 Responses to “940SH in Vancouver Review”

  1. Hey. I really appreciated on your blog…mainly because it helps me. ^^”
    Will it be possible if you can buy a keitai for me in Canada…and send it to California, US for me…??

  2. hello i got a 940sh as well and i havent got the phone unlock yet so i was wondering where can i get it unlock? And does it relock really often? Thank you

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